Care Free Maintenance Packages from our 5 Star Service Center

price per square foot

Pre-Haul Inspection

 Personal, On-board

Self Inspection Checklist

Cleaning and Protection


Clean and Polish Exterior Chrome and Stainless

Clean Fenders, Lifelines, Shore Power Cord

Compound and Wax Hullsides, Topsides, and Deck

Hand Wash Entire Exterior

Pressure Wash Bottom

Below Deck

Clean Bilge Pump Intake, Inspect Pump Hoses

Clean and Dry Bilge Area

Clean and Protect Interior Wood

Clean and Polish Interior Chrome and Brass

Vacuum and Shampoo Carpet and Upholstery

Clean and Dress Vinyl

Clean Head and Galley, Inside Cabinets

Clean Windows—Inside and Outside

Store with Odor and Moisture Absorber

Bottom Paint

Sand Bottom (Vacuum Sander)

Paint Bottom, labor and materials included


Steering System: Inspect and Lube

12-Volt Electrical: Check Operation

Plumbing and Water System Inspection

Inspect Thru Deck Fittings

Inspect and Lube Thru Hull Shut Off Valves

General Mechanical Inspections*

Other Services

Batteries: load test, fill, charge prior to launch

Pump Out and Rinse Holding Tank

Add Fuel Conditioner

Service Fresh Water System

Install Visqueen Cover

Post-launch Inspection

In-Water Check of Functions and Systems

Engine Start*

In-Season Support

24/7 Technician Access

Harbor Calls—No Travel Fees

Optional Parts and Fluid Kits*

Year-Round Discounts*











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