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Transient Dockage available! Call 847-336-5456 or hail Larsen Marine on Channel 16.

2024 CYC Race to Mackinac

Larsen Marine is a proud sponsor of the Race to Mackinac. Good luck to our racers!


About Us

Larsen Marine has been serving the boating community for more than 90 years. From our humble beginnings in 1933, when Milt Larsen borrowed $1,000 to lease a 3-acre parcel of sandy beach, to our current status as a full-service marina capable of handling over 800 boats, the Larsen family has worked tirelessly to build and refine this marina.

In 2022, Larsen Marine was acquired by TopSide Marinas, and we quickly realized that their business practices and concern for quality customer service aligned with what three generations of the Larsen Family have provided for 89 years. We were very impressed by the TopSide team, and are confident that they will continue the Larsen family tradition of customer-first service and commitment.

With a storied history of expansion and success, we remain committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to boaters of all kinds. Come see for yourself why Larsen Marine is a trusted name in the boating community.

Parent Company Summary

TopSide Marinas was cofounded in 2020 as a family-owned company that acquires, owns, and operates high-quality marinas across the country. Our mission is to foster a high-quality environment where our members and guests can create lifelong memories, relax, enjoy life, and be healthy. Each of our marinas provide exceptional service, hospitality, and enthusiasm to serve your needs on and off the water. We want our members and guests to feel right at home.


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