A Well Kept Secret—The Larsen Marine Spar “Shed”

If you’ve been around Larsen Marine, and you own a sailboat, you probably have heard someone refer to the “spar shed.”  The Larsen Marine spar shed is a one-of-a-kind, state of the art mast storage facility without parallel in the marine services industry.

Is it really a “shed?”  (dictionary: a slight or crude structure built for shelter)

Hardly. Here’s a picture of one small section of it. Look closely, it’s worth it. Better yet, stop by for an in-person view if you haven’t already.  We’ve yet to find another one like it in the world.

This is where we store and service masts and rigging for sailboat storage customers.

Masts stored in these specially-made racks inside a fully-enclosed, heated and secure building can be retrieved and placed on a custom-made, full-length work bench for service and repair any time of the year.

Our mast storage “building” has walls rather than a fence, a roof for cover instead of an overhanging tree liimb, and a concrete floor that works much better than the industry standard of dirt, weeds and tall grass.


Img Spars



Look around and you’ll see piles of masts like this in other yards. During the winter, they are concealed by drifts of snow. Unfortunately, they often put masts and rigging in places like this even when charging for “inside” boat storage.

Not at Larsen Marine!
How we treat masts is one of many examples of what sets us apart, and we work hard to make it show in everything we do.

Outside Sailboat Storage

At Larsen Marine, options for the mast storage include:

  1. Leaving it up,
  2. Taking it down and storing it on deck, and
  3. Storing it inside our “shed.”

If you store mast up, the mast and rigging need to come down (on your terms) at least once every three years. In between, an inspection is suggested. We have the equipment to inspect masts and standing rigging safely without removing the mast.

Larsen Marine Rigging

Our expert boat storage team

Please call any one of our boat storage team to discuss how we can be a valuable resource for you in Winter storage, Dry stack, Summer parking, Trailer Storage, Mast storage, and even our Referral program!

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Doug Larsen
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Storage Coordinator
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