All boatyards must obtain storm water run-off permits, which makes Larsen Marine responsible for preventing any pollutants that may be on our property from entering the lake. Sanding dust, paint chips, paint and fiberglass solvents, cleaning solvent, caustic teak cleaner, used oil, antifreeze and a host of other Hazardous materials common to boat maintenance are harmful to the marine ecosystem.

Larsen Marine adheres to a set of Environmental Policies and Practices designed to prevent hazardous materials from being placed on our property and eliminate the exposure to such materials as a consequence of various boat repair and maintenance activities. It is imperative that all customers, employees, contractors, vendors, guests and others follow these guidelines. The expenses of cleaning up toxic spills are enormous and the related fines punitive. Any such occurrence is the responsibility of the person or party causing the spill.

We expect all parties present in our facilities to observe our Environmental Policies and Practices. Should you have any questions about these, please contact our Store, Parts, Service, Yard or Management personnel.

“Best Management Practices” is a practical guide to help us make sense of the new and stricter environment regulations. Their purpose is to prevent the improper disposal or discharge of pollutants onto the ground or into our lakes.

Boat Yard Environmental Policies

  1. Any outside labor, vendor or independent contractor is NOT permitted to provide service on any boat without first receiving approval from the Service Manager and obtaining a special independent contractor’s license from the yard, and a copy of our environmental policies.
  2. Boat Owners may undertake boat projects as needed to maintain vessels’ safety, appearance and utility. New or substantial exterior work involving fiberglass repairs, paint removal, hull refinishing or other work that may cause the release of hazardous materials must be reviewed by the Service or Yard Manager.
  3. Larsen Marine management encourages all boat owners to be environmentally responsible and to adhere to the yard’s list of Best Management Practices. They will help prevent pollution of the water that we swim in, fish in, and boat on.
  4. Boat owners and crew members are to place their environmental safe refuse in the waste receptacles provided and shall be responsible for maintaining the areas immediately adjacent to their boat in a clean, safe and litter free condition. Hazardous materials must be disposed of in accordance with our Best Management Practices. Contact our Service Department or store personnel for disposal information.
  5. Discharge of any type of waste into marina waters is strictly prohibited.
  6. Spills – Should a boat owner or associate see or cause a spill, no matter how small, it must be immediately reported to our yard or service manager.
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